‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’ – Thomas A. Edison

When you make mistakes repeatedly, you start to see new streams of opportunities. Your vision becomes clear, and you get the confidence to persevere.


If you fail to clear the GATE exam, there are two ways from here,

  • You are still interested to prepare for the exam by working on your mistakes and weaknesses.
  • You have lost the fire for this exam, and you want to persue something else in life.


In both cases, remember one point, and it is that an exam is an exam, don’t make it larger than life and don’t go into over thinking.


Coming to the second case first, you need to identify what you love to do in your life, what your

interests are so that you can discover the diamond in you away from rat race. So take a break and first decide what you want to persue in life and work towards it.


Now coming to the first case. If you think there are holes in your preparation, you need to reset your strategies. Get in touch with good mentors who can guide you with respect to planning your

preparation and identifying your weaknesses. Focus more on making your basic concepts stronger and then practice to get a strong hold on the topics. Get the right temperament to sit in the exam.


I have encountered many such aspirants whom I have personally mentored in their 2nd -4th or even 5th attempts and they have aced the exam with flying colours. It’s about the right mentality, strategy and an attitude never to give up.


From the pen of,

Ankit Goyal, the GATE guru & AIR-1


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