Of the various learning strategies that one must use to cover the syllabus and revise effectively, the one which is the easiest and most recommended is ‘Note Taking’. However, it is important to be aware of the effective way of taking notes.
You can take care of the following points while taking notes,
● Don’t take notes on the first reading of the topic. First, read thoroughly and understand the concepts and relevant points.
● Don’t be a ‘copycat’ while you are taking notes. The more you put in your efforts, the more it will benefit you. Also, copying others may not benefit you the same way because they have made it in their comfort of mind.
● Use loose sheets, as there is always scope for addition and improvement. So you can add or remove some points in your notes whenever you find them necessary.
● Be disciplined in your note-taking. Systematically and neatly placed notes will help you during revision and before tests.
● Don’t write another book in form of notes. Write only important and relevant points in short so that when you are revision before the exam, it is convenient.
● Just note-taking doesn’t act as a sure shot for success. Read and re-read the notes and practice to extract maximum benefits.

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from the pen of,
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