Here are few points you should take care of to maintain consistency in your preparation,

Be systematic in your preparation. Start from basic subjects first and then move to the applied ones.

Plan that accordingly. Also, while studying, clear your concepts first and then move to problem-solving. That way you can enjoy the subject.

Maintain a schedule. Note down your targets daily and the next day, and prepare a schedule to complete them. Remind yourself to adhere to your schedule.

Keep revising the subjects and topics you have learnt, when you are into a new topic or subject. That way your mind will keep them intact in memory and a foggy scenario won’t come before you where what you have read is getting eroded.

Keep little breaks when exhausted. You need not press yourself too much. It’s ok to reset and then focus with full vigour. Remember you are competing with thousands of other serious aspirants who are consistently slogging themselves.

The time you waste your essential moments is the time you move backwards. Know your purpose and isolate yourself to a level the same from any distractions. Many other things can wait, but your goal won’t wait much in today’s world of cut-throat competition.

So chill and, stay focused, stay consistent.

From the pen of,

Ankit Goyal, the GATE guru & AIR-1


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